Cleaning Lego

If you have found second hand lego or duplo, or have some knocking about that has seen cleaner days, and don’t want to spend hours of your life  and gallons of water scrubbing it, here is a life hack for you that will extend the life of your favourite toy.

You will need: grubby lego, a pillowcase, one or two strong elastic bands and a washing machine.

Put the lego into a pillowcase, secure the top with one or two strong elastic bands, nice and tightly, then pop the whole lot in the washing machine with your preferred eco-friendly washing liquid. Et voila! shiny clean lego.

Fleece curtain insulation

Our home is a 1950s house which is hard to keep warm despite central heating, a loft full of insulation, double glazing, and cavity wall insulation. The unheated kitchen and conservatory on the back of the house act as a huge heatsink sucking warmth out of the house in winter.

Last year I bought a 10m X 2.5m roll of fleece fabric from Empress Mills, and set about using it as insulation. I lined the lounge curtains, bought a used curtain pole from a neighbour through Nextdoor and made curtains to go across the middle of the lounge.

We can now draw the curtains and make a warm zone in the lounge instead of losing heat and wasting energy. Result!