Kempston Market

A great place to reduce your use of plastic, and food waste, by taking your own bags and choosing fresh fruit and veg in the quantities you need. 

Location:             Saxon Centre forecourt       outside Sainsbury’s  
Day:                      Thursdays and Sundays
Opening times:  08:30 to 16:30

Fairtrade at St Andrews

Fairtrade at St Andrews stock a wide range of fairtrade goods, including foods and crafts created by some of the poorest communities in the world. By ensuring these communities get paid fairly to run sustainable businesses in environmentally friendly ways, natural habitats can be protected. 

See  for details of opening hours, suppliers and stock. 

Virtuoso Foods

Virtuoso Foods, based in Bedford, are vegan caterers. They cater events and private functions. They also run events such as the vegan Christmas fair. 

80% of their foods are Organic and where possible they don’t use plastic.
When they do events, festivals and private catering, they offer 100% recyclable containers including plates, cutlery & napkins as well as paper recyclable bags.  In 2018, Virtuoso Foods have started hosting and running a Vegan Festival in Bedford which promotes local businesses as well as independents and encourages all participants to use recyclable paper bags for goods/gifts.

Interesting discovery of the week here at green-list… Foodclubs.

Club together with friends and neighbours, and place an order for goods from environmentally friendly companies at wholesale prices. Clever idea, we think.

Wilko Eco Range

Today we were excited to learn that Wilko have developed a range of environmentally friendlier cleaning products. The range includes plastic free, plant derived dishwasher tablets, which early adopters are excited to find work well. Other cleaning liquids in the range are bottled in recycled and recyclable packaging. All items in the range are very reasonably priced, meaning that being greener need not cost more. Time for a trip to Wilko!